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​Leader of Cosmetic Surgery

in Asia

- Eastablishment : 1983

- Business Activities : Distributing and Manufacturing of

Medical devices specially related to plastic surgery and dermatology

1983     WooRhi Trading Co. established in Seoul


1992     Obtain Medical Device Import License 

1993     Exclusive contract of the plastic surgery instrument Padgett

1995     Launch WRHI Surgical Instrument  

1999     Exclusive contract of BFW Headlight 


2000     Establishment of WooRhi Medical 

2000     Launch WRHI Medical Suture

2001     Exclusive contract of filler Juvederm in Korea

2003     Exclusive contract of Synovis Coupler in Korea

2004     Exclusive contract of cosmeceutical Auriga in Korea 

2005     Co-development of Johns Method 

2006     Launch COOK Surgisis, INION 

2006     Open Johns Academy 

2007     Launch Contour Threads 

2009     Launch Quill 


2011     Launch DermaQueen & Multi Needle

2011     Launch Johns Screw Needle

2014     Launch DermaQueen Portable     

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