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WOORHI MEDICAL’s business status

WM has been with passionate medical professionals of the world.


WOORHI MEDICAL of faith and trust

WOORHI MEDICAL has continued to grow as a leading anti-aging solution provider through the expansion of its diverse activities, which encompass Filler, Injection Solution and Suture.

WOORHI MEDICAL consifers achieveing ‘patient satisfaction’ as its top management principle and is making ceaseless efforts to supply products that meet this goal.

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비즈니스 핸드 셰이크

Partner company

WOORHI MEDICAL through partner company

Quill Filler

Anti-aging Tech Leadership

WOORHI MEDICAL had distributed exclusively Juvederm in Korea and WM has been importing and manufacturing various kinds of anti-aging solutions.


WOORHI MEDICAL will lead anti-aging industry by continuously developing medical solutions.  

- No.1 Sales of Juvederm in Asia

- Co-development of filler injection method

- Development of HA multi injection treatment

- World 1st development of injection device using the negative pressure

Joint Growth

WOORHI MEDICAL has been growing with foreign partners and distribution partners in Korea. WooRhi Medical pursue joint growth with partners and will become a good example of joint growth.   

- 14 partners in Korea
- 24 foreign partners 

Strict Quality Control

WOORHI MEDICAL has been manufacturing and importing medical devices complying with strict quality guidelines. Also, WM is implementing the requirements to meet KFDA regulation on distribution and storage of the products.


- ISO 13485 certificate

- ISO 9001 certificate
- KGMP certificate
- Cold storage facilities


Social Responsibility

Over the years, WOORHI MEDICAL has practiced a philosophy of “Contributing to healthful, rewarding living for people around the world by distributing innovative, high-quality medical products.”. We will also remain keenly aware of our public mission and responsibilities as a medical device company.

- Donation regularly to the charity organization
- Donation of relief goods to North Korea

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