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​WOORHI MEDICAL manufactures Surgical suture, Screw needle, DermaQueen, Multi-needle, surgical blade.

Surgical Suture

As for the quality of medical sutures, there is a little difference among the products. However, there is a gap in raw material.

We manufacture our sutures with imported high quality raw material.

The quality of products has been acknowledged as one of the best in Korea for more than 20 years.

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DermaQueen(Multi Needle)

DermaQueen is an innovative multi medicine injection system utilizing negative pressure of vacuum.


Negative pressure of vacuum makes skin firm by pulling it upward.

Multi needle is easily injected to the firm skin.

This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily and fast.

Screw Needle

The needle length of Screw Needle is adjustable anytime.

The adjustment of Screw Needle length can be made by simply turning like screw depending on patients and injection area.


Three types of Screw Needle are available for sale: 27G, 29G and 31G.


You can select and use by characteristics of medicine and product type.

Screw needle_mockup.png
Surgical Blade_mockup(32).png

Surgical Blade

The best quality is guaranteed through special heat treatment.

Surgical blades are sharpened using the latest automatic grinding machine.

It has the best cutting power.

DQ Cosmetics

Unlike existing products that only have a temporary effect, it fundamentally prevents skin moisture from being taken away from the external environment and is developed to live naturally without any inconvenience in everyday life.

Silicone technology will free you from dead skin and pain.

DQ Cosmetics-mockup_가로.png
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