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DermaQueen (Multi Needle)

The device is designed to help to infuse fluids to patients without direct contact to human body and drugs.

The device is mounted with an injector and makes injection to be infused by pressure which is put by injector’s guide bar moving by motor.

The device shows all information on its display and operates by the indicated buttons.

Injector is registered in KFDA and has ISO13485 & CE certification.


  • Minimized medicine loss

  • Needle depth of injection and injection volume control

  • Easy-of-use for upgrading functions of injector through USB

  • Compatibility with all kinds of syringes up to 10 cc

멀티니들 패키지1.png

Multi Needle

​​Can be used not only with Derma Queen but also with regular syringes.

Fast and accurate treatment is possible. It also minimizes pain and drug loss during the procedure.

  • SIZE : 31G, 32G 

  • PIN: 5pin / Coming soon : 9pin, 16pin

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