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Surgical Suture

As for the quality of medical sutures, there is a little difference among the products.

However, there is a gap in raw material.

We manufacture our sutures with imported high quality raw material.

The quality of products has been acknowledged as one of the best in Korea for more than 20 years.

​Main Feature

  • Superior quality of raw material including thread & needle imported from Japan & USA

  • KGMP certified reliable surgical suture

  • Strict quality control according to ISO13485

  • Widely supplied to famous hospitals in Korea for more than 25 years

  • Sharper, stronger and more flexible needles

Silk (Silicone coated braided)

Silk Suture is a non-absorbable, sterile surgical suture composed of organic proteins.

We have undyed and black dyed Silk Sutures.

Silk sutures are used for general soft tissue access and ligation, including cardiovascular, opthalmic, and neurological procedures.


Nylon Suture is a non-absorbable suture made of Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6.

The smooth surface provides excellent tissue penetration and minimizes bacterial growth, reducing the risk of infection.

Although it is a monofilament, it is very flexible and easy to handle, so it is mainly used for soft tissue access and logation, where skin suturing is common.

Polyester(Silicone Coated Braided)

Polyester suture is  a non-absorbable suture made of polyester material that maintains peramanent tensile strength within the tissue.

As a multifilament suture, it has excellent strength and knot stability, easy to handle, and is coated with silicone so it passes through the tissue smoothy.


Polypropylene suture is a non-absorbable suture made of polypropylene.

It supports tissue strongly and stably, does not weaken even in infected areas, and has unchanging, permanent tensile strength.

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